Modern Dog Training's Mission

In the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, it is the environment that is the first consideration, then the history of the animal, then what is the plan to change behavior? All the while making sure the animal’s temperament stays sound. This is the foundation of Modern Dog Training and proof that with the proper information and a common-sense plan based on some easy math and science, humans can start changing behavior immediately.

Modern Dog Training also takes full advantage of technology with the use of video consults, instructional dog training videos and assessments of your dog via video.

Dog Training is not difficult but making it easy often is. We strive to make the training plan fit your life as best as we can, remember that behavior is in the environment, not “in the dog”, if you are having training success and then you are not it is due to some change in the environment, how humans respond to those changes, and build a dog’s reinforcement history is crucial for reliability. Humans must change their behavior in order for dog to change theirs; it is that simple. Once you have a plan, and follow through, as consistency is crucial, you will have less stress and more success.

No one can “guarantee” your dog will have a change in behavior, as no one can predict what will occur and how you will respond, but what we can do is get a plan in place and practice with dogs when we are with them in play, on walks, around the house, when we take then to the vet….We do know somewhat of what the dog will experience, so we can get plan in place for many common events.

There are lots of chances every day to work on training and many of those times are when we are having fun with dogs or going through the similar scenarios that occur each day.

Of course, we can help with more advanced behavior issues and many of those scenarios can also incorporate fun as well, make no mistake MDT is dedicated to not only teaching you but making sure there is as much fun in the process as possible, after all that is why we all got a dog, right?

I am confident that Modern Dog Training can help you have more success in the training of your dog, as I have helped thousands of dogs worldwide through remote education and consulting. I have seen the results.

MDT also has a network of experienced, certified, force free dog trainers that we can put you in touch with to continue working on the training we set up for you. Get in touch today and start changing behavior the modern way.

I look forward to helping you and your dog.

Founder of Modern Dog Training
Drayton Michaels, CTC